Top 5 Best Airsoft Shotguns For The Money

Best Airsoft Shotguns guns are models of the original items and are not typically used in anything other than airsoft sports, and for recreational purposes. They are not designed for home protection and neither can they be modified into real firearms where someone would fire lethal ammunition. In some states it is a requirement that the airsoft gun has a visible orange tip.

The airsoft guns can be classified in two categories, namely pneumatic, which are powered by a gas cylinder which aids the firing, or manual, which is where the gun is cocked manually.

Typically, the airsoft guns fire pellets which are commonly called BB’s. They have less penetrating power than real bullets.

1. Double Eagle Tact Pump Action Spring Airsoft Shotgun FPS 335

The body of this shotgun is durable and sturdy, being made of strong high-strength polymer for maximum durability. You will notice right away that the shotgun is compact and lightweight, and easy to use in tight spaces.

The velocity is 335 FPS when using 0.12 BB’s and has a 20 round magazine capacity. The spring powered airsoft shotgun is just 21 inches in length with a pump action loading mechanism, and an adjustable hop-up system.

2. BBTac BT-M47 Sawed-Off Style Spring Shotgun

This is a classic style shotgun with pump action. It is very easy and comfortable to handle. You will notice that the gun is sturdy and robust with an aluminium barrel for high precision.

The gun fires in single shot mode, simply pump and shoot. You will find that the body has a good weight balance to it, making it comfortably to use for extended periods.

The pump, shoot and reload is a very rapid action with the spring-loaded gun firing at 330FPS. The magazine clip holds 20 round sand the pellets can easily penetrate thick cardboard.

The classic style, as well as the robustness and ease of firing means that this ranks of one of the best airsoft shotguns around.

3. Crosman ASGM47 Voodoo Spring Powered Single Shot Pump Action Shotgun

This airsoft gun operates on either electric full-auto or single shot manual cocking mode. The gun comes with a front sight, and a rear peep sight and holds 250 airsoft BB’s.

The gun fires at 390 FPS and uses 6mm pellets. The gun does not need batteries to work and comes with an adjustable stock rear sling mount.

Additionally, there is a Picatinny rail system and hop-up front sling mount which takes a 19-round magazine. Ideally the gun works with pellets weighing 0.20 grams or higher.

The gun is not designed for home protection or shooting rodents and is one of the best airsoft shotguns for using for recreational purposes.

4. Evike - CYMA Polymer M870 3-Round Airsoft Shotgun

This shotgun comes with the tips painted in orange to meet regulations in some states. It is a tri-shot system and fires 3 BB’s with one trigger pull.

One advantage of this shotgun is that it comes completely pre-built, no further assembly is required, and no other parts are needed. You need only buy batteries, and any other accessories that you fancy.

The gun comes with a removeable 30 round magazine which is easily loaded. This tri-shot 870 shotgun is one of the best airsoft shotguns for the money.

5. Double Eagle Heavy Weight Shotgun

This is a full-size tri-burst shotgun which feels and looks exactly like the real thing. It fires a 0.22g BB at 300-350 FPS and comes with a shotgun shell style magazine. You will notice that the pistol grip itself is a good replica.

This gun boasts – and delivers – a combination of power and durability, with the tri-burst being effective and impressive, thus making this one of the best airsoft shotguns available.


With so many airsoft shotguns on the market, it may be hard to choose one, but we think you will find one of our five best airsoft shotguns exactly what you are looking for.

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