Top 5 Best Airsoft Brands

Airsoft guns are replica guns which are often used in sports. They are designed to fire what most people know as BB’s. These guns have low muzzle energy ratings, which basically means they have less penetrability and stopping power than a real gun. Overall, these guns are safe for competitive sports events, as well as recreation, as long as protective gear is worn.

Airsoft guns are normally categorized in two groups, namely mechanical (where the gun is manually cocked), or automatic (where the gun is operated by a valve-controlled release of a compressed gas).

The replicas are designed to resemble the real gun very closely, although some states require that here is a distinct orange tip to tell the difference.

There are hundreds of airsoft brands on the market, and here we have reviewed the top 5 best Airsoft brands for you.

1. Soft Air COLT CQBR-RIS Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun

This replica is very well made and officially endorsed by Colt. You will see that the polymer receiver is injection molded and feels durable. The gun comes with metal gears and gearbox for extra durability.

The rail system, as well as the body and stock sights are made from high-quality plastic, while the sling attachment, magazine, outer barrel and all removeable parts are constructed of metal.

The gun comes in a two-tan desert tan and black colour, is very light and easy to use, making it one of the best airsoft gun brands for the money.

2. U.S. Marines Airsoft SR01 Spring Powered Rifle

The gun comes with removeable flip-up sights and is spring powered with a folding stock. You can shoot up to 325 FPS while the magazine holds 350 BB’s at a time.

The rifle weighs just 2lbs, with a length of 28.00, and a safety lever, making this perfect for close-up combat when the sights are flipped up.

The gun ids ideal for urban manoeuvres which need flexibility, while the quad rail mounting system makes this the perfect all-round airsoft brand of gun.

3. Taurus PT111 Spring Pistol

The compact design along with the ABS Polymer construction make this one of the best brands of airsoft guns on the market.

The replica is modelled on the popular Taurus 92 although it comes with improvements to ensure better reliability, accuracy and durability.

There is a manual safety catch, making the gun reliable to store when not in use. Taurus pistols and replica airsoft guns pride themselves on their high-quality products, which you will find in these pistols.

4. Umarex XBG 2254804 CO2 Powered .177 Caliber Steel BB Air Gun Pistol

Straight away you will find that this gun comes with a 19 shot drop free metal magazine which makes for speedier reloading. The velocity is 410 FPS and the gun has both front and rear sights. The double action will fire at 410 feet per second.

Umarex state that the gun is economical and lightweight, as well as being compact. The gun is powered by a 12-gram CO2 capsule.

The gun delivers good power and consistent accuracy, and the simple design is uncluttered, making it easy to clean.

Being lightweight and delivering around 130 rounds from a single CO2 cannister makes this one of the best airsoft brands for value for money.

5. Soft Air Kalishnikov Tactical AK47 Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

This is the perfect item for a collector as it is the 60th Anniversary Edition. Even being a collectors’ item, the airsoft gun still delivers what it promises.

The inner barrel length is 455mm, and the gun has a 550-round capacity magazine. The muzzle velocity is 330-380 FPS when used with a .20g BB, while the range is up to 66 yards.

The tactical rails are integrated to make mounting optics and accessories easy. With the stock compactly folded, the gun is perfect for tight spaces and close combat.


Whatever type of airsoft gun you intend to purchase, we know that one (or more) of these will be the ideal product for your collection.

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