5 Best Airsoft Rifle On The Market Today

Airsoft guns are extremely popular among teenagers and even adults. There are various applications of airsoft guns possible like for recreation purpose, practice shooting for sports, military simulations and likewise. Among the good airsoft guns, the airsoft rifle is very popular among adult as it is considered to be premium over pistols. They have better magazine capacity which is why you can use them continuously for a longer duration of time without needing to reload. Besides, it looks very realistic as if you are actually doing something really great. Check out the top 10 best airsoft rifles below and they are safe to use as they do not cause any accidental death.

1. U.S. Marines Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle

The spring powered airsoft rifles are always the first choice of the regular rifle users. This airsoft rifle has folding stock for better mobility along with removable flip-up sights. There are accessory rails for mounting useful objects like laser, flashlight, cameras and likewise. This is the reason why the product has such good reviews and it is definitely the best airsoft rifle on the list. It shoots at around 325 FPS and the magazine holds 350 BBs.

It operates on the repeater mechanism and there is a safety lever for preventing accident shots. It is an all-around balanced rifle with which you can improve your accuracy and it is extremely lightweight for better control. Moreover, the chiseled look of the rifle makes it realistic and premium.

2. Kalishnikov Tactical Electric Powered Airsoft Rifle

This is one of the good airsoft guns and it represents an AK47 rifle. The inner barrel measure 455mm and the magazine holds 550 rounds of shots. It is integrated with the tactical rails for easy carry and mounting different useful objects. Besides, it comes with a removable and foldable nylon fiber gearbox. The shot velocity is also decent at 330 to 380 FPS. It is compatible with 0.2g BB and the range of shot of around 66 yards.

Irrespective of the distance, you can shot with accurate and there is not any abrupt deviation. Moreover, it has 1200mAh battery with wall charger and adjustable spin-up shooting system. The stealth black color is more intimidating and it is suitable for shooters with all skill levels.

3. Umarex Heckler & Koch Electric Power Airsoft Rifle

This is a dominating airsoft rifle and it is a perfect replica of HK416 rifle. The design of the rifle is absolutely top-notch to outperform its competitors. The body has a perfect combination of plastic for immovable parts and metal for movable parts. Therefore, the weight is easy to carry and you will get better control of its operation.

The quad Weaver rail and monolithic top rail enables it for attaching red dot sights and scopes. The magazine has 250 rounds capacity and the shot velocity is 330-340 FPS. It uses 0.12g BBs and suitable for people with varied body shape. You can also attach a gun sling for better carrying option. Besides, it has one of the highest airsoft gun reviews which show its quality and performance.

4. Lancer Tactical full metal gear airsoft gun

This is one of the good airsoft rifles with a high magazine capacity of 300 rounds. In the package, you will find 1000 rounds 0.2g BB of high-quality. Apart from that, the battery and the charger are included in the package. It shoots at the rate of 405 to 415 FPS. Besides, there is a metal gearbox along with the reinforced metal outer barrel.

The availability of the rail interface system makes it possible for tactical accessories attachment. Moreover, the 3-hole buffer sling ring is suitable for integrating the single sling. It weighs around 7 to 8 pounds and the color is realistic. You can accurately hit the target within 20 yards.

5. COLT Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun

This is a relatively new launched airsoft rifle and it comes with an injection molded polymer receiver which is highly durable. The high capacity magazine helps in playing with it for a longer duration without needing to reload frequently. The shot velocity is 395 FPS and it is mostly a metallic rifle which is why it is slightly heavy but yet within the realistic limit. It is because some parts are in high-quality plastic. Most of the movable parts are of metal such as barrel, sling attachment and the magazine. The product has been received well in the market and has very high ratings and good reviews.


Based on the airsoft gun reviews, we have handpicked the best airsoft rifles for you to choose from. As per your age and body strength, you should choose the rifle as they are some heavier and longer rifles also available. Different rifles have different shot velocity and magazine capacities. They are safe to use and even if you shoot someone from close range, it is going to painful and may leave a bruise but won’t cause death. Besides, only teenagers and adults can use them as they are long and heavier than airsoft pistols. Most of the rifles are a replica of real-life rifles that military people use.

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