Top 5 Best Airsoft Pistol For You

Best Airsoft pistols are extremely popular as they are used in various outdoor sports. They have realistic firearms representation which is why they are popular among kids. They are basically non-lethal and low-velocity guns that most people use either for recreational purposes or for training to improve aiming and accuracy. If you are looking for the best airsoft pistol that you can afford, you need to go through the following list of top 5 best airsoft pistols available. The pistols exceed their price value in terms of their performance. There are different types of airsoft pistol available with different operational mode and components.

1. Crosman Stinger Airsoft Pistol

This is the bestseller airsoft pistol with caliber 6mm. With one complete load, you can shot 12 times. The magazine is also easy to reload. The pistol is spring powered and hence, it is capable of shooting at 325 FPS. The length of the pistol is 9-inch which falls in the medium size category and it is rather lightweight for more control. The construction is very sturdy and it is going to last a lifetime.

There is almost no maintenance for the product and it resembles the popular military pistols. You can easily improve your marksmanship skills with it. The look and feel are premium and it is suitable as a backup as well as for practice. The aluminum barrel is sure to enhance accuracy and the notch style prevents accident shots. It is undoubted the best airsoft pistol you can opt for.

2. Combat Zone Umarex Enforcer Airsoft Pistol

This is a relatively new airsoft pistol in the market and it has become popular in no time. It is a lightweight pistol and the velocity of the shot is 400 FPS which is among the fastest in the category. The caliber is 6mm and the barrel length is 4.25. It comes with 15 round capacity magazine and has double action trigger.

The construction is highly durable and it is quite compact and known for its hard hitting performance. The white dot on the front blade makes it easy to acquire targets. Moreover, it is a CO2-friendly pistol and the capsules last for nearly 200 shots before needing to change them. The style is modern and it has easy loading option.

3. Firepower Metal Slide Airsoft Pistol

This is a spring powered airsoft pistol with the 6mm caliber and the velocity is around 328mm. The design of the pistol is absolutely premium and it is one of the most powerful airsoft pistols available. It is a popular choice for a quick sidearm pistol. The metal slide offers a realistic outlook and experience which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

Moreover, it is highly safe to use as it comes with a safety switch and the magazine has 12 rounds. You can improve your accuracy with the pistol conveniently thanks to the BAXS hop up system. The weight is realistic and it is a value buy considering its price point.

4. HFC Airsoft Gun

This is the best airsoft pistol with silencer. It is a gas based non-blowback pistol and the firing mode is semi-automatic repeater. The velocity is slightly on the lower side with 230 to 260 FPS. The magazine has 9 rounds. There are sample bbs available in the package along with the silencer. The functioning is smooth and the range and accuracy are good considering the gun size and the barrel. The construction is also great for higher durability. There is also a safety lock which is always welcoming.

5. Glock Gen 4 Airsoft Pistol

Glock is one of the most popular brands in the airsoft pistol industry. This is the best Glock airsoft pistol available online. It comes with one of the largest magazines with 24 rounds. Therefore, the frequent reloading issue is no more. It has a full metal slide which is why it is slightly bulky but the weight is realistic. It has full blowback action with adjustable hop up. The construction is durable and the look is elegant. There is an orange cap to prevent accidental shots.


There are mainly spring-powered and gas-powered airsoft pistols available. Spring powered ones have more velocity and they are more environmental-friendly. However, the gas-powered ones are more affordable and less noisily. You can buy an airsoft pistol with silencer if noise is a concern in your surroundings. We have listed the best-quality airsoft pistols from popular brands including high-demanding Glock airsoft pistol. Some have more rounds of the magazine while others have features for better accuracy at aiming. You need to go through the descriptions to understand the differences and pick the best one as per your requirements.

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