Why do airsoft gun owners and active enthusiasts like this kind of weapon? Most of the airsoft guns are used for recreational purposes, such as combat games playing, historical reenactment, and hunting. However, they can also be used as props for filmmaking and as a tactical training tool for police and military needs. We’ve researched the market and selected 5 excellent and 5 great airsoft snipers to share with you the best choices.

Top 10 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

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Different Types of Product  

You can find a great number of various clubs, teams, and athletic associations devoted to airsoft events and competitions all over the world. And each of them loves a certain kind of good airsoft rifles. What, you may ask, is the difference?

Replicating weapons, airsoft guns the same as airsoft rifles can be divided by the principle of action into several categories: gas, electric, and spring powered.

The mechanical design for pellet propulsion is used for battery and spring powered airsoft guns. Such mechanism comprises a coil spring-loaded piston air pump. It utilizes either the elastic potential energy stored within a compressed coil spring or an electric motor gearbox to drive a piston air pump pellets down the gun barrel and move pellets down the gun barrel. These types of mechanical airsoft guns are known as spring guns and AEGs, respectively.

Electrically powered airsoft rifles (so-called AEGs) are more convenient and fast in use as they can fire in full auto mode, continuing to pump out BBs until you release the trigger. This is the most commonly used type of airsoft gun as it gives the powerful and versatile performance with semi-automatic, 3-round burst, and fully automatic operations with up to 1500 RPM rate of fire (RoF). AEGs feature the high velocity varying between 150 and 650 FPS.

Spring airsoft guns need to be manually cocked before every shot (bolt action type); they are simple, and, thus, they are considered to be more reliable and easy to maintain. Besides, a spring powered airsoft rifle does not need any additional accessories except BBs to operate.

The other kind of airsoft gun design includes gas powered airsoft guns and is known as pneumatic guns and rifles. Such guns are operated by a valve-controlled release of a gas. This gas can be a prefilled bottled gas, such as CO2 canisters, or compressed Green Gas.

Gas blowback guns use the new and advanced GBB airsoft technology that allows creating high-velocity airsoft rifles perfect for close quarters battles training.

Another group of the airsoft hybrid guns involves some of the newest AEGs and GBB guns with little extras. These are not very cheap airsoft sniper rifles because they are usually more powerful and able to bring an ultra-realistic look and feel. These days, hybrid airsoft guns are mostly used by collectors and reenactors, and not so widely known as previous ones.

Airsoft weaponry realistically resembles genuine firearms in appearance and, according to that, there are airsoft pistols, airsoft shotguns, airsoft carbines or assault rifles, airsoft sniper rifles, airsoft DMRs, light airsoft machine guns and more. There is a debate about  what is the best type and model, and yet, you'll never know until you try.


Today, all the models of the very best airsoft sniper are in a great demand. A modern airsoft sniper rifle is a high-precision shoulder-fired rifle designed to be used by military or law enforcement that features great portability, high hit efficiency and extreme accuracy due to integrated telescopic sight. A good airsoft sniper rifle is a complex and technologically advanced device, and that fact requires a manufacturer of such device to have great mastery and skill.

Nevertheless, a wide range of manufacturers offers various products of this type today. The most well-known and best-selling airsoft sniper rifle manufacturers are AGM, Colt, FN, Lancer Tactical, Well, JG, Tokyo Marui, G&G, BBTac, and more.

The numerous versions of good airsoft snipers are usually modeled after popular guns such as the M4, M14, M16, M61, M82, also G36, L96, AK47, MP5, P90, just to name a few. Nearly each of airsoft sniper rifle brands replicates the most popular and successful firearms to offer clients an extended product line.

Top 5 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

MB08 Full Metal Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by Well

Being based on the legendary L96 sniper rifle commonly used by the British Army, this spring-powered best airsoft sniper rifle features all the advantages of the MB01 model complemented with the addition for ease of storage, transportation, and improved stability. Hence, the package includes the folding stock with customizable length, adjustable monopod on the base of the stock, and also a magazine, sling, scope, and speed loader. A scope can be easily attached due to the thoughtful design featuring a 20mm scope rail, a removable bipod mount, and an adjustable cheek rest. The performance of the spring power bolt will also surprise you as it is super easy to pull back and it reliably shoots over 400 FPS. The high-capacity magazine holds 30 rounds and the ergonomic design of both grip and stock allow comfortable handling and keeping it trained on target. Therefore, this better replica can help you turn into a true sniper.

M59P Full Metal Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle by Double Eagles

This model is another airsoft replica of the iconic L96 sniper rifle. It comes at an affordable price. The construction of this very best airsoft sniper gun comprises durable, lightweight body and thumb-stock made of polymer material, and the all-metal inner and outer barrel assembly. The construction offers an optimal stability of aiming due to the ergonomically designed grip, built-in monopod on the stock, and the included bipod. The adjustable hop-up provides higher shooting accuracy. A detachable folding bipod mount and front and rear sling mounts can essentially lighten the rifle and facilitate its portability on the battlefield. However, you can easily add your favorite optic accessories due to the integrated 20mm full metal rail, which can be found on top of the bolt assembly. The power of this airsoft sniper rifle allowing shooting at 430-450 FPS combines with its lightweight construction and realistic look to make you ready to go the distance.

L96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle by AGM

This is another sample of airsoft guns replicating the legendary L96 sniper rifle. Despite it is surely the very best airsoft sniper rifle for many airsoft shooters, it comes at an attractive price. It is basically a spring-powered airsoft sniper with bolt action handling. Its construction is rather simple and dependable, so it is suitable for players of all experience levels. The body of this 44-inch rifle is made of a solid polymer, which is fitted with the aluminum outer barrel for a great portability-durability combo. Managing is simple, as there are only two modes: safe and fire. Rifle magazine accommodates 24 rounds while the shooting mechanism allows shot velocity varying between 450 and 465 FPS with .20g BBs, which is a quite powerful performance for an airsoft gun. In addition to the rifle itself, the purchase also includes a magazine, speed loader, sling, and cleaning rod.

M14 R.I.S. EBR Custom Full Metal Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle by CYMA

This item belongs to the category of premium-class good airsoft snipers and stands out with its advanced features. This battery-operated airsoft rifle utilizes reinforced metal Marui M14.ver.7 gearbox system and has three fire modes (select between full auto, semi-auto, and safety) allowing you to output up to 400 FPS with .20g BBs. The model also features an adjustable hop up, adjustable rear sight, and an integrated scope and dot sight ready scope rail for a better aiming. The inner details like barrel assembly, handguard, stock assembly, and receiver are metal made for the extended durability. This airsoft sniper rifle measures about 40 inches and weigts roughly 2.2 lbs. For additional external attachments, this model is fitted with an integrated rail interface system. The long-type, high torque motor and 400-round magazine provide comfortable and steady firing. For the comfort of use the rifle also has integrated front and rear sling mounts. The package only includes an airsoft gun with blaze orange flash hider and a magazine, 9.6v small butterfly type battery and optics should be purchased separately.

M61 Powerful Airsoft Sniper Rifle Spring Powered Bolt Action by BBTac

This budget-saving very best airsoft sniper features the extreme shooting power with its muzzle velocity ranging between 450 and 475 FPS with .20g BBs. The rifle is constructed of the strong ABS polymer and a barrel is covered with aluminum from the outside; it weights approx. 4 lbs and measures about 44 inches in length. A detailed finish completes the high-quality built of this airsoft replica. It is a spring-loaded airsoft gun that uses a special clip for simple, fast reload and quick turnaround. The realistic bolt-action operation allows authentic loading and releasing on shooting. The magazine holds 20 rounds while the rifle has two firing modes, which are single shot mode and a mode with a functional safety. As one of cheap airsoft sniper rifles available today, this precision-made rifle, nevertheless, provides an accurate long-distance shooting with added stability. This product only comes with a magazine and a cleaning rod.

Next 5 Great Products

MB07B model 700 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle with Bipod and Flash Hider by Well

  • The rifle is modeled after the Remington 700. It features precise and top quality shooting mechanism, super quiet and accurate, able to provide truly breathtaking velocity at 450-500 FPS when using heavy .20 g BBs.

  • Magazine delivers the 30-round capacity while the spring power bolt is super easy to pull back.

  • The fluted barrel features 24.5 in (62 cm) in length and combines with the integrated top and front rails.

  • It’s extremely comfortable in using and aiming due to the ergonomically designed grip and stock, and great cleaning/unjamming rod. FPS and hop-up specs are fully adjustable.

  • The most powerful performance in Airsoft at a moderate price.

  • This very best airsoft sniper comes with a kit of tools: a bipod, speed loader, sling, and BBs starter pack.

M82 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle with Bipod and Scope by Lancer Tactical

    • This model refers to the high-end price range, and rightly so. This is an excellent replica of a sniper rifle used for US Military, namely, .50cal Barrett M82A1.

    • The rifle is lightweight and sturdy due to the special construction combining polymer body and a metal outer barrel. It features 6.78 lbs net weight and overall length about 55.1 inches.

    • The product comes with a bipod and scope while the monolithic top rail allows perfect mounting of any optics needed.

    • The magazine holds 25 rounds, but not only. A handy storage compartment helps to store additional BBs, accessories, and tools. This single-shot sample of good airsoft snipers is spring operated and promotes ease of use and maintenance.

    • This affordable airsoft sniper rifle offers great velocity of 430 FPS with .20g BBs, which may attract many

      airsoft players, who are on a budget.


AirSoft R.I.S. Spring Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit by Colt

  • This model is a leader among cheap airsoft sniper rifles as this all-in-one kit includes one spring-powered Colt M4 RIS Rifle, one spring-powered licensed Colt 1911 Spring Pistol.

  • Some extras involve one mounting rail accompanied by flashlight fitted with an elastic band for easier target navigation, two flashlight units, and 500 ultrasonic premium BBs to make you completely ready for the next airsoft battle.

  • The spring riffle features about 310-340 FPS velocity, and yet, multiple variations for customization are available. For a comfortable use, it offers different configurations due to vertical handgrip and adjustable stock.

  • The spring pistol included in this kit is capable of pumping BBs out at about 200-240 FPS (with .12g BBs). It also features a lower rail.

  • Colt is a world-known and trusted manufacturer of quality firearms for the US military and offers great Airsoft guns as well.

A.S.R Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle with Bipod by Echo1

  • The mid-priced spring powered sniper rifle with the incredibly high shot velocity. It ranges between 420-440 FPS when using .25g BBs and up to 460-470 FPS when using .20g BBs.

  • This very best airsoft sniper rifle features a 22-round magazine, bolt-action handling, and adjustable hop-up.

  • The sturdy metal barrel is accompanied by a metal rail for mounting various optics, model 4 LE stock, a detachable metal bipod, and pistol grip.

  • Airsoft gunners will love its excellent firing power, increased shot accuracy, and ease of assembly and use.

  • The product comes with little extras like a bipod, a speed loader, three magazines, two hex keys, and a cleaning rod. The purchase is backed by a

    30-day limited warranty.

Soft Air FN SCAR by FN

  • This dependable, high-performance airsoft gun is a replica of the famous Combat Assault Rifle produced by Fabrique Nationale Herstal. It is a heavy-weight spring rifle from a world-class manufacturer that comes at a bargain price.

  • It offers up to 400 FPS firing with .12g BBs. Its high-capacity magazine holds 350 BBs and, due to both top and bottom rails, you can attach some other additional accessories.

  • The sturdy construction is produced of quality polymer and plastic materials and features vertical grip. The rifle has the conveniently retractable and foldable stock, as well as foldable front and rear sights just like those in an original gun.

  • Regarding it is one of the cheap airsoft sniper rifles on the market, this model shoots surprisingly straight even with the cheap .12g BBs. So this is a good option that doesn’t break the bank.

Buying Guide   

When it comes to choosing the best airsoft sniper rifle as a particular kind of airsoft guns, there are a lot of criteria to be considered. First of all, we’ll think of the source of the power. Almost all the reviewed airsoft sniper rifles are spring powered as this source is great in eliminating the need for electric batteries or gas bottles. This type of shooting mechanism achieves the stable performance in all weather conditions, it easy to assemble and operate.

The next important thing is the muzzle velocity, measured in feet per second (FPS), which determines the speed of the BB when just shot out of an airsoft rifle and describes the shot power, in some way. For amateur airsoft rifles, the usual shot velocity ranges between 300-400 and 470-500 FPS, the higher the better. Obviously, this specification can increase the product price significantly. The majority of reviewed rifles work well with standard .20g 6mm BBs, and only some of them with .12g BBs.

Another numerical measure of quality is the capacity of a magazine, measured in rounds (Rd). It usually varies between 20 and 30 rounds. The more BBs you can stock in a magazine, the more consistent and lasting shooting you can have.

Other useful features include, but not limited to, the following. The integrated metal rails allow comfortable accessorizing your sniper rifle with the necessary optics, while the integrated front and rear sling mounts facilitate transportation and leave your hands free when using a sidearm. The adjustable hop-up can be utilized to account for wind conditions and various target range, providing you with an opportunity to make a perfect shot every single time. A detachable folding bipod mount helps make a profile slimmer and more lightweight for the improved utility. The ergonomic grip and lightweight design also can greatly reduce player’s fatigue allowing staying on the battlefield longer.

Finally, about the overall look and feel. It’s great to be manageable for extended warfare due to a durable, yet lightweight, design. Still, many players want to have the realistic construction that looks and feels like the original firearms. Some external elements and bolt-action operation add a realistic feel to the good airsoft snipers, allowing a user to plunge into the game or historical reenactment deeper.


We’ve researched and reviewed a number of premium and cheap airsoft sniper rifles in order to help you make your decision. A perfect airsoft sniper rifle features a wide range of benefits which make it the perfect sniping option for both experienced players and beginners. We hope our extended rating of worthy airsoft rifles and our quick buyer’s guide gave you good information. So, now you are ready to make the right choice and start enjoying your perfect Air Soft sniper rifle.